Dictionnaire des médias

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  • 1) ~ qch a) to set sth upright again, b) to straighten out, up sth a) adsevel / adlakaat udb en e sav (sonn), lakaat udb a-sonn en-dro, b) adeeunaat udb
  • 2) ~ le corps to straighten one's body sonnañ e gorf
  • ~ la tête to raise one's head, to look up sevel e benn
  • se ~ to straighten oneself up sevel en e sav (sonn), mont a-sonn, sonnañ
  • se mettre debout to stand up mont war sav
  • 3) ~ une image renversée to erect an inverted image dic'hinsaviñ ur skeudenn
  • 4) ~ le courant électrique to rectify the electric current untuaat ar red tredan